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This is a excerpt from Peter's Book "Hearing the Angels Sing":

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"One of the earliest and most impacting experiences I had as child, which has seemed to influence my life in its current direction of spiritual and mystical pursuits, occurred when I was six years old. Every Sunday, my mother would go to church, and I would go to Sunday school with the rest of the children. Most of my memories of Sunday school in the Episcopal Church would center on the telling of Bible stories, the playing of silly games that illustrated Bible teachings, and the main attraction for me and every other child, the feast of donuts and coffee cake when we rejoined our parents in the church courtyard after the service. On one particular occasion, I remember it being close to Easter with the warm spring weather and Easter lilies in bloom. Â This was a special day for me as my mother invited me to stay with her and her best friend and attend the regular church service. I had never attended the regular mass before, so I watched with interest as the priests readied themselves to begin. I remember being struck by the architecture of the chapel with its high vaulted ceiling and ornately carved pillars with religious icons. There was a sense that something special was going to happen, and I was excited to be part of it that day.

As the service began and the music started with the opening hymns, I was mesmerized by the sacred rites the priests performed dressed in their colorful vestments of gold, purple, and blue. With the blessings of incense and holy water, I watched and listened as the priest recited something from a sacred text which spoke of the immense power and light of God and the Holy Spirit. As I sat there and took this all in to my childlike mind, I was struck with a feeling of familiarity. It was as if I knew this and had been here before some time, somewhere.

Sitting between my mother and her friend, I remember looking up at the stained glass windows that graced this sanctuary. They were so beautiful with their colorful depictions of different saints and Bible episodes. At this time, it seemed as though the sun had moved just enough so that it began to shine through the window that was up ahead of me and to the right of where we were sitting. The most glorious beams of colored light began to shine through it and reach into the church. I had never seen anything so beautiful before in my life.

As the priest spoke of holy things and the music played in glorious accompaniment, I looked up at the beautiful light shining in through the stained glass windows. The colors penetrated me deeply and touched me in a place within that I had never known until this point in time. It was as if I was able to travel up the beams of colored light through the window and into a celestial vision of heavenly grandeur. It was an exhilarating feeling, one of ecstasy and light; of angels and God's glory. Many years later, I discovered that stained glass windows were put into churches for exactly this reason. They were believed to be windows to the Heavens, and the beams of colored light coming into the church represented the hand of the Holy Spirit.

A heavenly vision was revealed to me in that instant, and I knew, without a doubt, that I would be a maker of stained glass windows. I looked up at my mother with my big eyes full of wonder and said, "When I grow up, I want to be a stained glass window maker." I remember my mother smiling at me and putting her arm around me and saying," That's nice, dear".

It was ten years later when I was in high school that the vision in the church came back to me. One afternoon, I wandered into the career counseling office at my high school. I was looking for a part-time job, and they had a bulletin board there that had 3x5 cards tacked up with all sorts of part-time work listings. I remember I looked up at the board with all the cards, and, almost instantly, one stood out from the rest. It said, "stained glass studio needs help." I stood there for a moment when the vision in the church came back to me. I remembered my declaration that day, ten years in the past, where I announced I would make stained glass. I hadn't thought of stained glass in all those years. I suppose I was caught up in all the normal things that teenagers do. But all of a sudden, it all came back to me. I called the number on the card, and was invited over for an interview and to fill out an application. I was hired on the spot, and that began my apprenticeship with a master stained glass craftsman who showed me the techniques of this ancient art form.

From the beginning, I started making windows with geometrical patterns similar to the rose windows we see in cathedrals around the world. For some reason, I was naturally drawn to this type of design rather than more realistic themes so popular in stained glass. Even at 17, I found the geometrical patterns created a sense of peace and well-being in me. Plus they dazzled the eyes with their color, symmetry, and balance.

A few years later, I was introduced to the concept of the "mandala," which is so prevalent in Asian art forms, especially from Tibet. I began to read and study the techniques of the Tibetan artisans who infuse their designs with prayers of peace and healing. I discovered that in Asia, mandalas are used as a tool for meditation. By looking into the center of the mandala with its geometrical patterns and vivid colors, one can attain a sense of balance, peace, and harmony. The geometry also interacts with the brain in such a way as to facilitate spiritual awakening by stimulating the opening of the third eye or psychic center located at center of the brow.

Around the same time, I was introduced to the concept of "sacred geometry". I learned that the geometrical proportions found in nature have been used for centuries by the builders of cathedrals and temples around the world. The patterns found in the unfolding of flower blossoms, the spiraling of sea shells, and the growth patterns of minerals and crystals all reflect the larger design of God's hand found in the greater cosmos. The Milky Way galaxy in which we live spirals out into space in perfect proportion and symmetry, and is reflected here on earth in so many ways. From the spiraling form of a hurricane to the delicate structure of a rose blossom to the structure and form of our own DNA, the ancient adage, "As above, so below" reveals to the seeker the very foundation of existence in this world of form. If one is willing to look at the tiny details of nature with an open mind and receptive heart, the "Codes of Creation" will reveal themselves in magnificent splendor.

As I learned more of the sacred art of the mandala and its sacred geometry, I began to gain a greater insight into and understanding of the power of color to effect varying states of consciousness. From the beginning, I had a strong sense of color harmony. Intuitively I would choose colors that seemed to blend into one another to create an overall hue pleasing to the eye. I learned that different colors would elicit different responses from people who viewed my windows. For instance, the color red will be stimulating for most people as it is aligned with the element of fire. The color green is soothing and healing to the body as it is associated with the element of earth, like in a green forested meadow. And the color blue associated with water and the blue sky overhead can be a bridge linking the elements of heaven and earth.

As my journey into color and form continued, I discovered that different colors have a corresponding musical note. The seven notes of the musical scale have corresponding colors found in the prismatic effect of the rainbow, and also in the energy centers or "chakras" of the body. The mystics and seers of antiquity mapped these relationships and their importance to the process of awakening, healing, and enlightenment. I became fascinated by the interconnectedness of color, light, and sound as a dazzling world of crystalline light sparkled in symphonic grandeur with the sounds of nature and the "music of the spheres".

Around the time of my 28th birthday, I made the decision to devote myself full-time to the pursuit of artistic excellence in stained glass. The visions that had been revealed to me were too compelling, and I knew from a place deep inside that I was to find a way to express the beauty and power I had experienced in a form that others may enjoy as well. Through a synchronistic turn of events, I found myself guided to move to the New Age mecca of Sedona, Arizona, a move that would change the course of my life forever.

The towering red rock formations and ancient canyons called to me with an uncanny feeling of home. I found myself drawn into the back country where I would hike by myself for hours into the ancient canyons of the Anasazi. Often times I would climb to the top of a red rock ridge overlooking a grand vista and play my native flute honoring the spirits of the ancestors that lived there hundreds of years before. The sound of my flute would float on the air and reverberate off the canyon walls, creating the effect of playing in a great cathedral. As I would walk the sandy trails in silent contemplation, I would listen to the silence and hear the voices of the ancient ones speaking to me in my heart and soul. Words of wisdom and sacred teachings would be given to me as I would humbly request the elders to share their story with me. Often vivid pictures would come into my mind as I was shown what it must have been like to live there 1,000 years ago.

As I went deeper into the silence, there was a stillness that descended into my mind. For the first time, the endless chatter began to subside. Meditation became effortless as I would hike back into the silent canyons and find a special place to sit and journey within. The old adage "silence is golden" began to come to life for me as an opening on the inner planes began to unfold. I noticed that the quieter I became, the more a golden light began to appear in my mind's eye. Radiant and warm like honey, this light enveloped me in a cocoon of peace and love like I had never before experienced.

Allowing myself to move even deeper into the silence, I began to hear subtle impressions of what seemed to me to be music of some kind. Faint at first, the more I "tuned in" to it, the louder it became, until I was able to perceive this divine symphony in all its glory. The sound was like nothing I have ever heard before. It was symphonic and orchestral in nature, but grander than anything I heard previously. It had the most beautiful melody, richly layered in harmony that rolled on and on and on. It was an unchained melody playing endlessly into eternity that brought uncontrollable tears to my eyes, tears of joy that seemed to wash my soul clean of lifetimes of grief, sorrow, and sadness.

At first I was startled by what I was hearing. I opened my eyes several times and looked around trying figure out the source of this music. It seemed to me to be emanating out from everything around me. Not only on the inside, but also coming from the trees and the rocks and the birds and the wind. I had read many books with accounts of "The Music of the Spheres". Many mystics have spoken of a heavenly music that is perceived by a spiritual aspirant as they move into higher states of awareness. As this was happening to me, I was keenly aware that I was experiencing some sort of "Spiritual Initiation." I felt the presence of my spiritual guides with me, encouraging me to let go and journey deeper into this experience.

As I sat in meditation and beheld this glorious music, I heard an inner voice that spoke to me and told me that it was safe to let go and travel on this musical sound current. I was familiar with the concept of astral travel or "out of body experience" from reading different books on the subject over the years. And now as I sat there on a rock in the canyon, it was as though the Heavens were opening up to me, and I was being invited into this magical realm. With my intention, I was able to literally float effortlessly right out of the top of my head or crown chakra. As I did this, my inner vision opened up simultaneously, and I was able to perceive, to my astonishment, angels floating right before my eyes. I couldn't believe what I was seeing! I tried to clear my mind of any self-created images, but they just stayed there in front of me looking at me and smiling. As their images became more distinct, I was able to perceive that they were Cherubs. Cherubs are the little chubby baby-type angels that we see so often depicted in Renaissance art. They were playing instruments like harps, violins, and flutes. And the music they were playing was the same music that I was hearing before I ever laid eyes on them! There was a whole flock of them, and they flew around me with great excitement as they beckoned me to come with them on a journey into their world.

Soaring and flying through iridescent prismatic colors, I followed my angel guides as they lead me on a journey into the angelic realms. The feeling was one of pure joy and exhilaration as together we flew through one realm to another of indescribable beauty. If you have ever gazed into a beautiful quartz crystal with a colored light illuminating it and let your imagination explore the interior of it, you might get an idea of what this was like for me. Eventually we came to a place where all I saw up ahead of me was a luminous sphere of radiant light that shone like 1,000 suns. The light was so bright that I had a hard time looking at it. But the energy coming off of it was one of pure love that penetrated me deeply into the very core of my heart and soul. I was drawn to it like a moth to a flame, but my angel guides held me back. It wasn't time for me to merge totally with this luminous sphere of flaming love. As I continued to gaze upon it with squinting eyes, I began to see, radiating out in all directions, more angels of every imaginable shape and size. There were multitudes of them, and they were all singing praises in perfect union and harmony to this light, which was the source of all things. I was shown that this was the source of the music that I was hearing and which my angel guides were playing. They told me that in reality, there is only one song, and that this one song expresses all the Love, harmony, peace and oneness that emanates directly from God out into the far reaches of every corner of the universe.

This was the" song of creation", they said. I was told that there was a time when all the beings on earth heard this song and sang it with one another in perfect harmony. This was back in the time of the Garden of Eden before the fall. But in the present time, most beings of earth don't hear this celestial music anymore. The result of this is apparent everywhere as the people of earth feel disconnected from the source of all things. They told me that now the volume on God's heavenly music is being turned up so that once again the people of earth can hear this divine symphony and come back into a state of Love, harmony, and peace. They called it a "Clarion call" to the souls of earth to come home once again into the Love. They showed me that this is the grand movement of energy in the universe, and that this is going to happen whether the people of earth want it to or not. The term they used to describe it to me was "Ascension". The Love and light is increasing everywhere as God calls all his children home.

Leading up to this experience, I would often speak to spirit or God as I would walk the sandy trails back into the silent canyons. I asked that my sacred work be revealed to me. I had a feeling deep inside me since childhood that I had a special "mission" here on earth this time. I realized from a very young age that I was here to serve. The term 'Light Worker" was a New Age slogan that I had been exposed to several years earlier. Simply put, a Light Worker is one who is here to serve the light. Raising consciousness and sharing the vision of spiritual awakening for all humanity are foundational to the Light Worker creed. From early on, I resonated with the idea of being a Light Worker, and have found different ways to express that inner knowing in the world. But now as this grand vision was shared with me, it was revealed to me that my sacred mission was to help bring this heavenly music to earth once again. They told me that with their help, I would begin to play music and become a channel for the celestial symphony to play through me. And to top it all off, they showed me that the instrument that I would play would be the harp.

At first I was resistant to this heavenly request. How could I be a musician bringing forth the heavenly music when I myself had very little musical experience and no training whatsoever? But they assured me that if I was willing to embark on this journey with them, that they would take care of everything. Like many people, I had felt music in my heart for many years. I often imagined myself being a musician and playing in a band of some sort with screaming fans wanting my autograph. Over the years, I tried playing the guitar, flute, and piano, but nothing felt quite right. But now as the prospect of playing the harp was presented to me, a new feeling of possibility and excitement overtook me and so after a few moments of deliberation with myself, I decided to get on the "Angel Music Train" heading for destinations unimagined.

Almost immediately, synchronistic events started to happen. Within a few days of having this vision, I met a woman in town who was a harpist. I told her my curiosity about the harp, and she told me that she happened to have a small harp for sale, and if I'd like I could come by her place to try it. From the first moment I put my hands on it, I knew this was what I was looking for.

I purchased the harp and began playing it several hours a day. Music seemed to come out of it effortlessly as my fingers would move on the strings almost by themselves. The harp came with a small carrying case, and I loved to carry it back into the canyons to find a special place to sit and play for the rocks, the birds, and the wind. As I would strum the harp, I could hear the angels' voices lofting in the overtones singing with me as I would play.

I devoted myself wholeheartedly to the task at hand, and immersed myself into the world of the harp. Every chance I had, I would sit and play, and distinct melodies and songs began to take form within a matter of weeks. There was a distinct energy that would come over me when I would play. I could literally put my hands to the strings and relax and watch as my fingers would move on the strings by themselves. At first I was a little frightened by what was occurring, but I continued to hear the gentle encouragement of the angels to surrender and allow this music to come through me. Often times my eyes would start to tear uncontrollably when I would play, and I would sweat profusely as the energy would come through. Some years later, I realized that I had a special angel harp teacher that would merge with my energy field and play through me, teaching me by allowing me to feel what it was like to play. Â It was all happening very fast, and at times I couldn't believe what was unfolding. Occasionally I would sit in front of a mirror and play so I could see for myself that it was true.

After several months of this, the angels came to me and told me that I was going to take a trip to "The Land Down under". I had always dreamed of going to Australia, and now my mission was going to take me there. Packing my bags and saying goodbye to family and friends, I headed out with my little harp on a solo journey to this remarkable land of aborigines and koalas. I didn't know a soul there, but I had a destination in mind. Byron Bay is the Sedona of Australia, and it was here that spirit led me to discover more about my new emerging talent on the harp.

This small town in New South Wales is a New Age and alternative lifestyle mecca with its beautiful beaches and subtropical rainforests. Following my angels' guidance, I made a connection there with a fellow who had a small recording studio in his home. It became clear to me that I was to work with him and record some of the first melodies that were coming from my harp. I spent three afternoons with him recording and creating my first demo tape. I remember leaving him on the third day and walking out to the beach with my new tape in hand. It was a beautiful summer afternoon, and the light was such that it was reflecting off the ocean in golden shimmering waves of beautiful golden light. I put the tape in my Walkman, and fell into an altered state as the music I was listening to transported me into another realm. As I listened to the music, I was struck by its similarity to the music I had heard in the canyons of Sedona. So similar were they that I realized, in essence, there was no difference. This music was harmonic to and in resonance with the heavenly music. With my eyes closed, I looked into my mind's eye and saw a large movie screen that began to show me future events of my life if I chose to continue on this journey. I was shown that I would return to Sedona and record a more professional recording, and that this music was going to go out all over the world. I even saw an image of a finished CD in a catalog with other music.

Following my angels' guidance, I returned to Sedona a few weeks later and began the process of recording a more professional recording. In my first session in the studio, I prayed to the angels to play through me. For an hour and a half, I sat at the harp as the music came through me and tears flowed from my eyes. This first session gave me the harp tracks upon which the rest of the music would be built. For the next month, I worked on the recording as other musicians lent their talents on keyboard, guitar, cello, and vocals. All sorts of magical synchronicities were happening on a daily basis as this special music was being created. When it was all done, I asked the angels what we should call it, and the response I heard was "Harp Magic". Of course! This is what my whole experience has been with the harp.

I made 50 copies of the recording, and began giving them out to friends and strangers alike. The response was an overwhelming affirmation of the angels' wish! People loved the music, and a couple of New Age bookstores even offered to sell it for me. Wow! This is exactly as the angels told me it would be. Now I found myself having to promote and market this special music from the angels, but I knew nothing of the "business of music". So once again I called on my trusty angel guides for help. I told them that if they wanted this music to go out to the world, please send me some help with this part of it.

Within a week of asking for assistance, I received a phone call. On the other end was a record company executive who was traveling through Sedona on holiday. He told me he happened to walk into one of the New Age bookstores where they were playing my music on the sound system in the store. He said he was struck by the beauty of the music and inquired about it to the store clerk. From the looks of the graphics on the tape, he could tell that I was obviously an independent artist. He asked the clerk for my number, and gave me a call. From that initial phone conversation, I was offered a record contract for five more albums and worldwide distribution. I literally fell off my chair screaming, crying, and laughing all at the same time. I couldn't believe how swiftly the angels had answered my prayer to send help.

In the fall of 1994, Harp Magic was released internationally to critical acclaim. In the world of New Age music, I was the new "Harper" on the scene, and was receiving rave reviews from the critics and music industry reviewers. A few months after its release, the new catalog from the record company came out featuring Harp Magic as one of their new releases. It looked just like the one I had seen in my vision on the beach in Byron Bay. Once again, I was blow away by the power of the angels to work miracles here on earth. So far everything they had shown me was coming true. It was truly a magical time for me. It seemed like every day was full of amazing miracles as Harp Magic went out to the world. Then shortly thereafter, I received another call from the record label informing me that Harp Magic had been nominated for string album of the year in the "Indie Awards" for 1994. This left me totally awestruck as this recording was made after only ten months of playing the harp, and was now being recognized in a national competition. This brought tears of joy to my eyes as I realized in an even more profound way that the angels have the ability to co-partner with humans to create truly inspired works of rare brilliance that can heal, uplift, and inspire others to reach for something higher and touch a heavenly realm.

It's been ten years now since the initial release of Harp Magic , and I have received 100's of letters from people all over the world who have shared their stories of healing miracles, beautiful visions, and angelic visitations from listening to the music. Connecting and working with the angels brought a new ray of light into my life that has been a constant source of inspiration, wonder, and joy. I am constantly amazed at the synchronicity and miracle magic that they work in the lives of many people I meet and come to know all over the world. In these troubled and uncertain times we live in, I am relieved to know that the angels are watching over us with unwavering vigilance and steadfast companionship guiding us all to our soul's glorious destiny in the light."


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