Dear Peter,

I went to your website and then to your myspace page.I played the four songs continually and after a while the pain in my body went away.The next morning I awoke refreshed and without any stiffness or pain.This was about three weeks ago and has been a gigantic shift for my final stages of healing from polio.I would like to thank you for bringing your work into the world.

Angel Blessings and gratitude,

Angeliki Davis 


I purchased your CD at a crucial moment in my life. I had just lost my twin boys to premature birth. Laura recommended your music and it helped so much! I have since been blessed with another set of twins and a another child! I play your CD for them at bedtime! May the angels stay near you!



Dear Peter,


There is no words to express my gratitude for your music. It conveys very deep meaning to me and somehow is teaching me how to better live life. Thank you for your new album, the cover artwork also is absolutely gorgeous.


I am not a medium or someone with special gift, but there is message for you: "some angels are here in this world. They are seeking each other to create a great circle of protection and blessing for the whole world. Your music is calling them to awake from their human life."


I am sure you knew already, but just in case...


Many greetings from Washington,




Dear Peter,
Your music is what one would imagine the music in heaven sounds like, thank you for sharing your gift with the world. You have heard all the wonderful words, I could not improve on them, simply thank you for following your life's purpose and shining your beautiful light through music.

Thank you,

Zarna Everett ,Australia


Dear Peter,


 I wanted to let you know how very blessed I have been by your CD. I have had it in my car for the past week playing it on my way to and from work.  Work has been difficult lately and I really appreciate the magic of your music I am unable to remember the sequences in your music so I always have the feeling that I don't know what is coming next.  It helps me because I am beginning to understand that in my life I don't have to know what is coming next for it to be good for me and beautiful.  I know this probably sounds very simple. But it has always been a difficult concept for me.  Change and difficulty have gone hand in hand.  I hear the angels in your music, the circumstances and details of life don't have the same affects on me when I feel the beauty and love that is expressed there. Thank You.  I look forward to enjoying your music in the future. 

Gayle Younger

 Dearest Peter,

thank you thank you for sending along the cds! I just got them today and I have only listened to not even the whole part of Harp Dreams. I was stopped in my tracks and couldn't get past track 6 yet - lady of the lake. it sent me dancing and singing from the deepest part of my belly with tears streaming down my face. it is SO awesome and amazing! I can't wait to hear the rest of the music...



Dear Peter! 


My name is Talia Ganel.  I am part of the Shaumbra family in Israel.  I am a writer and own a book publishing company.  I have received two discs of your music as a gift from a friend who had attended the Shaumbra meeting in Santa Fe.  It is one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever received in my life.  Your music touches the heart strings.  There is no doubt that the sounds of the harp are the music of the new planet Earth.



Cynthia Pareja, Martha's Vineyard


Hi Peter!
This is Sherry Ellingson from Des Moines, IA. I had the privilege of meeting you and hearing you play a couple of weeks ago at the Gillette's home for the Friday session with Theo. For months now, I have been asking for guidance to find music that would benefit me in my meditations. Your music is exactly what I was looking for. When I walked into Gillette's home that Friday I had an immediate soul recognition of you. It was quite profound and moving to me. One of my passions in this lifetime is downhill skiing and simply being in the mountains. Thank you for sharing your story, so that I could "get" the many connections between us. Are you living in Sedona at this time? What a magical place! I truly hope that I will have the opportunity to meet you again. Thank you for living your Life's Purpose!

Love and Peace! Sherry

Hello, Peter!
It's Lina, here in CA. First, I haven't forgotten to send you that little angel I told you about at Dee's. Second, I have been listening to both Band of Angels & Angel's Gift. Here at work. I must tell you that while listening to Angels Gift, in the peripheral of my vision, I see soft clouds in colors of light coming out of my speakers. I know they are cherubs of maybe 4 to 5 inches in height and oh so chubby. I thought it was my imagination till I realized they were emerging endlessly. I lost count. Please put me on your email list for dates and times you will be out here in CA once again. Peace to you, Peter.
Soul Free, Lina

Hey there,
Peter I really loved that you "got me" so quickly. The Music and Angel healing you did was beautiful. I was so moved by the energy when you touched my heart, held my hand and whispered for me to remember who I was and to come home to myself. Thank you. 
Many blessings, Colleen


!! DELIGHTFULLY INCREDIBLE !! AWESOME !!!!!!!! Your music immediately TRANSCENDS me to higher planes!! THANK YOU, for creating and reinforcing this channel of heightened consciousness. It is ever so blissful and surreal!! I'm floating on ecstasy· PS · If you ever do anything in hospitals/nursing homes I'd love to offer my assistance. Looking forward to attending another future concert and getting your next CD/video.

Light & Love ~ Becky Anderson


Dear Peter,
We briefly met you at the Prophet's Convention in Palm Springs and bought your Cd Harp Magic. It is exquisitely beautiful music and I thank you so much for bringing this gorgeous medley of music into our lives. My personal favorite is Star Trippin---I could get high listening to that forever and it feels like roller skating between the stars ,weaving through galaxies of shimmering light in utter joy. So a Happy New Year and again thank you so very much!


Hello Peter,
I know you don't know me but I just saw you yesterday in Denver playing before Doreen Virtue spoke. I was in the second row to straight out in front of you, wearing all black. Doreen came to me at the very beginning and was talking about the two thousand angels I had brought with me. Anyway, you are so incredibly gifted and talented. I listened to you CD in the way home and it almost put me in a trance. I shouldn't listen to that while driving! It is too relaxing! It is truly beautiful and you have an amazing talent to share with the world. I am glad I was able to hear you and will enjoy listening to your music in the future! I am glad I got to meet you, (well I didn't really meet you) and feel like you are a special person. Take care and best wishes in your career!!

Sincerely, Trenny

Hi Peter,
I wanted to say hi and tell you how Iâve been interacting with your music. I bought harp magic and gypsy road at the 13th octave workshop and have been listening to both CDâs regularly. The music is beautiful. Harp magic is so sweet it makes me want to cry or sing or do something joyful. Gypsy road has similar qualities but with bolder strokes. Iâm using your music intentionally to help me to open up to my angels. Iâve been listening to Harp Magic when I meditate and gypsy road while Iâm walking or driving. I havenât seen any angels yet with my eyes open. However I know that the possibility is there. Iâve seen you...Thanks for the Music. I wish you the best of times during the holidays.

Ruth Anderson PhD, RN, CNAA associate professor, Duke University School of Nursing

Good morning Peter!
I had the pleasure of meeting you and hearing you perform at Doreen Virtues seminar on Nov.20th at the learning Light Center. I have to say thank you to god for giving you this glorious gift! Isnât it just awesome to experience love this way! I purchased the harp magic cassette that day and have not stopped listening to it since. My absolute favorite is "The Last Unicorn" I listen to this song to start my nightly mediation and it transports me to the forest where my heart and soul do there best healing. The sound is so ethereal, and I listen to it through headphones and it sounds and feels as if this angels music is coming from within my very soul. Iâm not kidding! Thank you very much. Iâve been searching for quite sometime for the right sound to transport me. This is it .I just need a much longer version of this same music...Thanks again for the musical journey! Iâve been inspired to learn to play the Celtic harp or the Celtic flute myself I just had to have a new years resolution and this feels like a good one!!!

Karen Garcia


Dear Sir,
I am honored to write to you from Russia. My name is Dimity Shakin and I am music director of radio Vladivostok (Russia far east). Sometime ago a colleague of mine presented me with a tape where among others, A composition by Peter sterling was recorded. I was so charmed by his heavenly harp and kept listening to it over and over. Then I decided to, learn more about the author. I am pretty sure that if listening to such music, the people cant be bad. As the famous Russian author Fyodor Dostoevsky said" Beauty will save the world". Let me tell you about myself. I produce several special radio shows such as "New era" contemporary instrumental, and "Time for relaxation" music for relaxation and inspiration. These programs air twice a week. If you asked for my opinion, I would say that this music is really some thing extraordinary since it has the ability to break down all barriers helping us to understand each other. This wonderful, mystical and very expressive music comes right from the heart. If I were asked to describe it I would say Beautiful, peaceful and more important happy. Thatâs why I enjoy telling my audience about it... I would be very grateful if you could send me information about it wonderful harp-master Peter Sterling, and if possible an air play /review copy of his CDâs which I could use in my shows and reviews.

Thank you, Demitry Shakin

Dear Peter,
I bought two of your compact disks (Harp Magic and The Angelâs Gift) at a Doreen Virtue seminar in Las Vegas on July 7, 2001. Your music is truly inspirational - it warmed my heart and spoke to my soul in a way that I can hardly explain. I started to cry when I listened quietly for the first time to The Angelâs Gift. Music has never moved me the way yours has and I felt compelled to write you and tell you how wonderful it is and how much joy it brings when I listen to it. In our world which is often filled with heartache and pain it is so nice to find joy in lifeâs simple things like listening to music. I am sure that your music will bring you much success as well as heal the hearts of many of those who choose to listen to the angelâs sweet messages that are spoken within every note you play...

Sincerely and Respectfully Sandra M.

Dear Mr. Sterling,
I wish to offer my appreciation for your deeply moving CD's which we all spent the last two days really enjoying and reflecting on.

I am familiar with most of the harp music on the market, all lovely in their own ways, but your CD’s are attuned to a particularly effective purity of
offered beauty of the true angelic that is most specifically harmonious with our work.

Your music had a tender impact on a little girl with cancer that I do colour cleansing sessions as a calming and uplifting practice with, (we use all the
tools and oils, children love colour!) attuning the room for prayer. I opened your package in the hospital where I was to meet a little girl, and
decided to play it for a few minutes in her little hospital room for her session with her mother. She closed her eyes the entire time and then said
“That is a happy place.” causing her mom to be moved to tears, since her prognosis is unclear, but I see her growing past this.
I knew you would want to know this story.

Once again, thank you for the beauty.

In Love, Truth and Beauty,
Shara S. Rose/ColourSpa

Dear Peter,
I just wanted to send you a note to express to you my deepest gratitude for the role you have played in my journey of healing. I have spent the
past several years trying to heal some very old wounds. In the process, I ended up creating a very lonely & empty existence. The Angel Valley retreat
was exactly what I needed to help me release the past, & awaken to life. The gift of your music was an integral part in my awakening. It allowed me
to reach a place where I could finally open my heart. For this, I am eternally grateful. From the first moment I heard you play, my face formed an instant
smile. I was immediately filled with a feeling of complete joy, unlike anything I had ever known. As you continued to play, I was gifted with
wondrous visions, & long lost memories. Your music gently flowed into my heart, melting the walls I has set into place years ago. For the first time
in my life, I experienced true peace. Thanks you for sharing your music, for opening your home, & for gifting all of us at Angel Valley with your time & presence. Most of all, I am grateful that you have helped reintroduce me to the beauty of life, & aided in the return of my long absent smile. :) I feel so very blessed to have
met you. The gift of your music has meant more to me than words could ever express.

Peace, Love, & Blessings,

I work in a prison and have shared Peter's story with many inmates who desperately need to know that we all have angels close by. Some of them
have borrowed the CD (Harp Magic) to play at a spiritual gathering they are having tomorrow. I have promised them I will get all your CD's eventually.
So, Peter, your story and your music continue to bring light to even the darkest corners of the world. Thank you so much for coming into our lives.

Jan spencer,idaho

I purchased four of your CD's and I play them during the time I am working on my clients. ( I am a Holistic Health Practitioner) The feedback I get is that my clients
feel the presence of "others" in the room and they fall into a deep relaxation only to find that upon the completetion of the therapies, they are refreshed and feel " otherworldly" as if they were given a new lease on life. How thrilled I am to be working with your wonderful gift of transformation not only for myself but for those I work with.

I've also noticed that since your music has entered my life, I too have changed. I no longer feel alone or incomplete. I feel I have a whole arsenal (for
lack of a better word) of helpers to call upon. I, at some level have always felt that angels were present, but now I KNOW!! Again, Thank you for your love, talent and selfless sharing. So until we meet again, may God Bless you and Keep you safe Oceans of love and light

Your sister in Spirit, Natalie

Thanks Peter for the special prayers. I even turned on your cd "out of the blue" to the surgical team while I was in the op. They wanted to hear what I
was listening to..So, as I was going down, your music was being played in the OR. !

have a great day, and thanks a bunch

I am sure you get this kind of comment all the time. But, the first time I heard your cd harp magic I was hooked! I have used it over and over again
when I was happy and sad. When I couldn't sleep, when I was at work and when I was in labor both times. Not to get too personal on you. (I could not have
pain medication) you are a wonderful talent, please don't ever stop giving such a gift.

Kindest Regards,
Mrs. Maureen Frost


Dear Peter Sterling,


I will introduce myself though I feel I already know you. My name is Rhinda. You met my sister, Renee Melgoza at the Huntington Beach workshop. She came and told you about using your cd’s while our Father was making his transition. Renee and I were so pleased with the change in his state of being during this time after repeatedly listening to your cd. I decided to express my appreciation and tell my own story.


Prior to playing the cd, he was restless, uncomfortable and seemed in distress. I will never forget the sight of our father rising up from his bed in the gentlest way when the song, “Surrender” came on the cd. He, in fact, did, surrender. For reasons known only to you, there was a quality to this music that seemed to be very transporting in such a beautiful, spiritual way. We saw no signs of this prior to playing the cd.


He was 87 when he died so I don’t need to explain the type of music he considered his favorite but somehow, “Chattanooga Choo Choo” just wasn’t cutting it.  I took a chance when playing “this type” of music that our other sister had been guided to purchase. It was just amazing. I don’t feel like words will adequately reveal the degree of peace that was observable but let’s just say there was a quality of Light about him and in his eyes.


When “Surrender” cycled on I would say to him each time, “oh here’s your new favorite song”. Without fail he would respond physically as if he knew the code of this song by smiling, opening his eyes and sometimes speaking to what we perceived to be someone on the Otherside.


So thank you, Peter, for being a musical way-shower for the one known as Robert D. Shearl. I consider you to be a significant part of his journey from the Earth plane. Please use this email in anyway you see fit to explain the virtues of your music.


In gratitude,


Rhinda Shearl Fairless

Saint Charles, MO


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