Calling All Angel's! 
This illustration of an angel is on a soft wavy background giving a feeling of calm.
Dear Friends, I love this top image as it captures the essense of my new offering 'Visions of Paradise' which is a vibrational sound and sacred imagery experience. Visions of Paradise is a 33 minute dvd and audio cd program that features music from my cd Center of the Circle with additional Solfeggio vibro-acoustic frequencies for a full body sound vibration massage. Lovely imagery of tropical paradise, Buddha gardens,crop circles and underwater dolphin and whale dances take you on a magical journey of peace,relaxation and lucid dreaming. The image above shows an angel emerging from a vibrational energy field. So too, we who strive to embody higher dimensional angelic frequencies and soul essence are emerging into a new unified field 
of oneness and expanded awareness. Yay!
Visons of Paradise is here to assist you in this remarkable journey of discovery and 
I have also been exploring new creative outlets with a unique way of photographing my stained glass windows through a prismatic effect that reveals what I call 'Luminous Light  Landscapes'.  Here is a link to a new youtube video I created that is a wonderful meditation and journey into Luminous Light! Click here to watch video
am now distributing the Sound Oasis Vibro-Acoustic sound therapy system. I was recently turned onto this affordable and powerful sound therapy system. I have had many truly visionary expereinces with this technology. I always put visitors on the sound pad for a test drive and one and all report amazing vibrational bliss experiences! This sound pad works amazingly well with the new Visions of Paradise cd/dvd combo and all my other cd's as well! Click here for more info
Also just a quick reminder that spring is here and is the best time to visit Sedona! I would love to assist you on your sacred journey in red rock land! Click here for more info on my Sacred Land Journeys
Thanks for taking the time to read this. I send you many blessings of Love and Light! Peace,Peter

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