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Peter Sterling's stained glass magic "Portals of Light"

Ever since I was a teenager I have been creating stained glass windows utilizing sacred geometry and color harmonies to make one of a kind healing mandalas. I also insert crystal and gemstones into the each piece to enhance its energetic healing qualities. MY pieces hang in healing centers and private homes around the US. The inspiration to make stained glass came to me after a mystical childhood experience which I describe in great detail in my book "Hearing the Angels Sing". Here is a short excerpt...

"Glass is a marvel—a jewel-like substance made from the most ordinary of materials: sand, transformed by fire until it actually captures light and glows from within. Before recorded history, man learned to make glass and to infuse it with various portions of the spectrum of white light, fusing heaven and earth by drawing forth the brilliance of the rainbow with metallic salts and oxides: gold producing stunning cranberry; cobalt, luminous blues; silver, rich yellows and golds; and copper, glowing greens and ember-bright reds."

I had no hint of the mysterious, translucent beauty of the marvelous world of glass that awaited me on the day my eyes were first opened to it. I was six years old, and that morning my mother announced that she was taking me with her to a church service for the first time. Normally I would have been in Sunday school with the rest of the kids. But this day was special. It was Easter time, and my mother wanted me to experience a Eucharistic service.

As the priest spoke of holy things and the organ played in glorious accompaniment to the words of the psalms, I found myself at one point looking up at the magnificent stained-glass windows that graced the walls on both sides of the sanctuary. Deep blues, reds, purples, greens, and golds had been chosen for these images from the life of Christ and the disciples. I felt each vibrant color infusing me with its richness. As the service progressed, the angle of the sun kept shifting, and the various colors would brighten or become more subtle, each change of hue revealing details in the design not noticeable before.

As this was happening, glorious beams of colored light from one of the windows stretched into the church and hit the floor right in front of me. Ruby red, emerald green, and sapphire blue mixed with golden yellows and rich purples in a kaleidoscopic, shimmering pattern of luminescence that danced before my eyes. The colors penetrated my body and touched me in a place inside that I had never known before. I felt myself traveling up the beams of light, out through the window and into a celestial vision of heavenly grandeur— one of ecstasy and light. Of angels and God’s glory.

Immediately after being taken up into the light, I remember looking up at my mother and saying, “When I grow up, I want to be a stained-glass window maker.” Looking at me with warm, adoring eyes, she patted me on the shoulder and whispered, “That’s nice, Peter.” I think my mother was surprised to hear a statement of strong conviction and intent from such a small boy. And that was the last we spoke of it.

Many years later, I discovered that stained-glass windows were installed in churches for exactly this reason. They were believed to be windows to the heavens, and the resplendent light pouring into the church represented the radiant Holy Spirit being released by the hand of God, lifting the souls of the people closer to the Divine.

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