"Circles of Light"
Peter Sterling - Circles of Light

Not recommended while driving your car
but excellent for flying in your Merkabah!

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Recorded live on location in the crop circles of Wiltshire England, this harmonic sound recording is a powerful sonic experience optimally used for meditation, healing work and spiritual activation.

The sounds of the wind harp are created by the wind blowing through the strings which creates free flowing cascades of high frequency harmonics that penetrate to the cellular level clearing the physical and energy bodies of lower frequency crystalized imprints and blockages. This clearing allows ones vibration to raise into a state of freedom, bliss and ecstasy in preparation for ascension and the galactic alignment of 2012. Enhanced with the sonics of the diamond crystal bowl and recorded within the sacred geometry of the extraterrestrial crop circles this recording is a unique sound experience that activates codes within the DNA that catalyze and illuminate the divine blueprint of the 5th dimensional light body.



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