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The Sands of Time


"The Rhythm of Life" also know as "To the Moon and Back" from "The Sands of Time". This was an alternative version which features the sparkling vocal work Marcel Ojebe. I've had it "on the shelf" for a couple of years and after listening the other day thought that I would offer it as a free download to everyone. I hope you enjoy it!

FREE Download: "The Rythym of Lfe (Studio Outtake)" - (Mac: Control Click / PC: Right click to download)

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FREE Download: "Forever And A Day" - (Mac: Control Click / PC: Right click to download)

"The Sands of Time" is Peter Sterling's eighth release in a long line of beautifully orchestrated cd's, which have touched the hearts and souls of thousands around the world. Once again, Peter takes us on a cross cultural global journey as he fuses a wide array of world instruments with his signature sparkling electric harp sound,into a unique composition of world fusion music. Elements of Celtic, Middle Eastern, and Asian styles are masterfully blended with contemporary instrumental sounds and textures creating a unique sonic alchemy that is sure to create beautiful imagery in the mind's eye of the listener. Peter is supported by an all-star cast of some of New Age music's most shining luminaries including Bruce Becvar on guitar, Larissa Stow on vocals and Kim Water's and Han's Christian from "Rasa" on Sarangi and vocals to name a few. Sometimes bold and dynamic, and other times passionate and romantic, "The Sands of time" is sure to require multiple plays for one's listening enjoyment! Excellent for massage, yoga and anything to do with love and romance!







Listening to Peter Sterling play the electric harp on his newest release, The Sands of Time, is an experience not to be missed. This CD is a mix of Celtic, Asian, Middle Eastern and Caribbean sounds blended with the melodies of modern music. Due to Peter’s improvisation, one thinks they almost know the music, but can’t quite place it.

Peter has surrounded himself with a myriad of instruments, including a haunting flute and vocals reminiscent of Enigma.

This is a CD that you’ll wish to listen to over and again. The music is relaxing, but at the same time, I feel I could dance to it. Mr. Sterling certainly makes that harp dance as though it were alive. This one is well worth purchasing.

The ten songs on this CD can be listened to, along with music from his seven previous releases, on his website, listed below.

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