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For many years as I traveled around playing my music and sharing my story about my angel encounters many people continually asked for my book and told me I should write one. Well, I have finally done it! Two years work has now taken form and I am sharing it with you! All the secret details of my life journey and multi dimensional travels with the angels are revealed here for the first time!  Guided by the angels I submitted my manuscript  to the publisher which they told me to and Shazaam! They took it! The publisher is Light Technology who also publishes the Sedona Journal magazine as well as books by the likes of Kryon, Drunvalo and many other well know authors. I am very excited to share this with you. Peace and Blessings, Peter.

Includes over 70 minutes of my best loved songs! I put together a special mix of my sweetest melodies on this companion audio cd. For the full effect listen to the music as you read the book!

"Hearing the Angels Sing is a wonderfully inspiring book. Peter Sterling, in telling his uplifting story of encountering the angels and being shown his destiny as one of God’s harpists, encourages readers to open to the deeper dimensions of life for themselves. There is authentic humility in suggesting that if the author seeks and receives such profound guidance from the angels, anyone can do it.

In writing so openly and courageously about his life, Peter demonstrates both the commitment required to work with angels as well as the rich spiritual rewards of potent way for people to reconnect and reclaim their spiritual essences. Peter’s exquisite Harp Magic provides a portal through which the reality of the angels can be felt and experienced. One of the pleasures of  reading his book is following the author’s trail of synchronicities and angelic guidance through the challenges, distractions, revelations, and obstacles to emerge as a world-class harpist in service to the angels. It is exhilarating and deeply encouraging to learn how intimately and creatively the angels can interact with our lives if we just let them.

Hearing the Angels Sing is a must-read for anyone drawn to the angels, and for those who already know what a salve Peter’s music is to the souls of the open-hearted and the spiritually minded, the book will yet further deepen your enjoyment of Harp Magic."

~ Timothy Wyllie
Author of Dolphins, ETs & Angels, The Return of the Rebel Angels, and coauthor of Ask Your Angels

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